The goal of the project was to design a new town entry for Differdange, as part of long-term urban development effort. The challenge was to recreate an attractive urban block, linked with the traditional town, offering a variety of services (retail centre, hotel, offices, day nursery and residential units) and a striking form: a signal tower soaring from a landscaped pedestal. The building seems to have been shaped by circulation flows – pedestrians, automobiles – that run along each of the façades, thus allowing it to blend seamlessly into the urban fabric. Higher floors will house exclusive residential units (duplex and triplex flats), but will also include shared infrastructure (greenhouse for gardening) and far-reaching vistas accessible to all residents.

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Location :

Differdange, Luxembourg

Team :

PETITDIDIERPRIOUX architectes in association with MORENO architecture

Client :

BPI Luxembourg

Program :

Construction of 80 units in R + 19 with duplex and triplex at the top, two lower levels of shops, a building with offices and medical offices, two more buildings housing with a nursery and an Appart-Hôtel (110 rooms)

Area :

25 000 m²

Schedule :

In progress