Who are we?

PETITDIDIERPRIOUX is an architecture firm that works in a variety of fields with three key principles:

  • Having a positive and lasting impact on the social and environment context of the project
  • Refusing the ordinary by researching innovative architectural solutions
  • Dedicating the same unwavering professional commitment to every project

Every new situation is carefully analysed with an open mind and we approach every project with an ever-fresh but experienced eye. Our strategy is to question the project from social, economic, technical or theoretical angles, which guarantees an innovative result informed by a realistic process.

From the earliest sketches to the last steps of construction, the project is regularly discussed both in substance and form, repeatedly tested and modeled to reflect the process. To each project a new approach, whether the project is similar to previous works or has not precedents at the firm.


The firm boasts a highly collaborative and proactive staff of about 40, led by Cédric PETITDIDIER and Vincent PRIOUX, associated architects.

We regularly make contact with new talents – graphic designers, photographers, landscape designers, cost planners, engineering consultants, energy and environment consultants – who then become part of our network, and whose skills can prove invaluable for specific project needs.


Jean-Pierre Buisson, Construction Director
Nicolas Fromageaot, Project Director
Jean-Baptiste Pierru, Office Director (Lyon)
Laurent Thierry, Office Director (Paris)

Administrative, communication and business development board

Maria Cristina Di Martino, communication manager
Maxime Dupuy, development manager
Laïla Elazrak, development manager
Sophia Hurel, Human Resources Manager/Branch Manager

Representation board

Julien Raffard, 3D designer
Thomas Beaujoin, 3D designer
Julie Plisson, Graphic designer

Design board

Mallaury Abbadie, Soheyl Aslani, Tarik Ballouch, Anne-Charlotte Billot, Jean-Pierre Buisson, Thibault Cérèze, Marie-Charlotte Chandès, Maxime Darde, Octave de Magellan, Julien Denis, Samia Elghouzlani,  Nicolas Fromageot, Aurély Giraud, Grégoire Gouverneur, Justine Labrousse, Fanny Landart, Oscar Metz, Ali Moalla, Thomas Navarro, Mickaël Papi, Claire Paviot, Jean-Baptiste Pierru, Jenine Principe, Bertrand Rodange, Quentin Roy, Chyara Saraiva, Laurent Thierry

Principal awards

  • 2024

    Winners of the HOTEL MUSE AWARDS –  Hotel – Architecture Design category / Gold Winner with L’Hôtel La Fantaisie
  • 2023

    Winners of the Architecture MasterPrize – Firm of the year 2023 –  “Residential Architecture” category. 
  • 2023

    “Honorable Mention”, International Architecture Awards (B1C1, Lyon Confluence)  by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies 
  • 2023

    “Honorable Mention”, International Architecture Awards (B1C1, Lyon Confluence)  by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies 
  • 2023

    « Honorable Mention », Design Educates Awards 2023  (B1C1, Reversible higher education facilities & housing, Lyon Confluence)
  • 2022

    Winners of the Architizer A+AWARDS, “Best Residential Firm”
  • 2020

    Winners of the German Design Awards 2020 « Excellent Architecture »
  • 2019

    Finalists of the THE PLAN AWARDS “Housing” (152 housing units in Villeubanne)
  • 2019

    Finalists of the ARCHITIZER A+ AWARDS “Residential-Multi Unit Housing – High Rise (16+ Floors)” (152 housing units in Villeurbanne)
  • 2017

    Winners of the AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE PRIZE in Residential category (109 appartments of ZAC Boucicaut in Paris)
  • 2019

    Finalists of the WORLD ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL (338 housing units, Paris XIX)
  • 2017

    Finalist of the WORLD ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL (109 appartments of ZAC Boucicaut in Paris)
  • 2013

    Winners of the INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS (109 housing units, ZAC Boucicaut, Paris)
  • 2010

    Winners of the “40 UNDER 40” Award, organised by the European Centre of Architecture
  • 2010

    Winners of the “Grand Prix Architecture, Urbanisme et Environnement Rhône-Alpes”, in the “social housing” category
  • 2009

    Nominated for the “PREMIERE ŒUVRE” Award, organised by AMC – Le Moniteur, for 30 rent-controlled housing units in Villefranche-sur-Saone
  • 2004

    Winners of Archi Nova contest, “What will tomorrow’s housing look like?”, for 50 flat units in la Duchère, Lyon


As architects, we’ve forged our path with serendipitous intent: guided by a clear trajectory focused on city-making, and a willingness to embrace every twist and turn along the way. The crafting of urban spaces demands however a firm grasp of the intricacies at play, because the city is a realm of communication, representation and achievement. In essence, it is the theatre of our lives, where we are both the actors and the spectators.

Our architectural approach is anchored in five core principles:

Exploring: Our process is an inner quest to find the right emotion and gain deeper understanding of the project’s implications.

Venturing Abroad: Traveling around the globe enriches our outlook and fuels our creativity every day.

Learning Continuously: After two decades of practice, our appetite for learning remains insatiable. Every new project provides an opportunity to expand our knowledge.

Embracing Change: Change is inevitable and an inherent part of our journey. Embracing it is the key to bringing fresh perspectives on our concepts.

Adapting: The path we chart initially rarely aligns with the road we end up travelling, so we take every unforeseen development as a chance to improve our design.

We draw a clear line between the essential and the superfluous, consistently prioritising intent over form. All design evolutions are welcome, as long as the project’s principles and foundations remain untouched. That means we take great care in ensuring that the theoretical framework of our vision will not be impacted by unanticipated changes. We also believe that architecture should be simultaneously distinctive, connected to the city and domestic in spirit, bringing a sense security to users. That is why we perpetually strive to strike the perfect balance between sheltered and exposed spaces. The architect acts as a mediator between the needs of individuals and the community, a guide in shaping our evolving world. Our job is to ask ourselves what our lives will be like in the future: what will we look for in an increasingly connected, intense, and dense world?

In our future projects, we will continue to champion three fundamental principles for our urban and architectural vision:

Towards an Urban Ecosystem
Land-use planning can’t be reduced to single interventions, nor can architecture be concerned solely with constructing buildings. Built structures are not the only factor defining living environments: negative spaces must be considered the prime constituent of urban substance. As the backdrop of urbanscapes and a regulator of density, empty space will provide in the future a unifying element for envisioning a shared life together.

Sustainability and Resource Efficiency
In an era of dwindling resources, we design low-energy buildings to limit their environmental footprint. Materials are chosen with great care to reduce the project’s impacts both during construction and after delivery. Regardless of standards and certifications, we view material efficiency as the first step towards sustainability: the best materials for the planet are the ones we conserve, and the best assets for construction are the ones that fit together harmoniously and are utilized for their intrinsic qualities.

Mutation and Anticipation
In recognition of the environmental challenges we are facing, we are committed to extending the life of our buildings by planning ahead for future evolutions. Architecture must be designed to accommodate and adapt to changing needs, anticipating new uses throughout its life cycle. By minimising load-bearing structures, we open up spaces to support diversity and ensure maximal configurability, thus facilitating future reuse.

As we continue our journey, we are collectively crafting a sustainable, durable, and desirable city. Reducing our reliance on natural resources, preserving soil quality, and integrating green spaces will ultimately deliver ecosystems that support urban life durably. And to truly establish the desirability of cities within their communities, we pledge to deliver flexible designs that encourage social interactions and allow built spaces to adapt to the needs of individuals.

Cédric Petitdider & Vincent Prioux


Having a positive and lasting impact on the social and environment context of the project, refusing the ordinary by researching innovative architectural solutions, dedicating the same unwavering professional commitment to every project.